About Shahrad Milanfar

iPad for Attorneys, Trial Lawyers, Mediators and Presenters

iPad for Attorneys, Trial Lawyers, Mediators and Presenters

Shahrad Milanfar, Esq.

Mediator & Litigation Attorney



Shahrad is an experienced mediator and litigation attorney. Shahrad’s love of technology inspired him to learn as much as he could about the iPad / technology and how to effectively incorporate them into his legal & mediation practice. He now uses the iPad in his mediation and litigation practice on a daily basis and has given numerous presentations on the iPad. He has developed an effective and efficient way to engage the audience when presenting with the aid of an iPad. His experience has lead him to design a course to help others be more effective and efficient in utilizing an iPad and technology. 

Shahrad has mediated numerous cases involving personal injury, property damage, contract dispute, guardianship, business, family law issues, emotional distress, subrogation, and community disputes. His experiences as a mediator and litigation attorney has allowed him to develop a creative, flexible, and highly effective approach needed, for problem solving, in mediation. Shahrad is able to adapt and tailor his mediation approach to fit the needs of the parties, their attorneys, and their case. This approach is highly effective in helping parties communicate and craft settlement agreements that address their concerns and resolve their legal conflicts. 

Shahrad’s approach to mediation is designed to minimize litigation problems and risks, while maximizing the chances for success, through comprehensive planning and guidance. This approach allows his clients to be informed and involved in every step of the mediation process. Because of Shahrad’s approach, his clients have a better understanding of the process and higher confidence that their cases are being handled effectively and efficiently.

Shahrad has shared his experience and knowledge with new mediators, attorneys, law students, in house professionals, and college students, by teaching mediation and conflict resolution seminars. Shahrad is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law where he has taught mediation, deposition, and trial skills. He has coached the Golden Gate Championship Trial Teams. He is also an instructor with the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) teaching in NITA’s trial and deposition training courses. He has also been featured as a guest blogger on NITA’s advocate blog. 


University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A. 1994
Golden Gate University School of Law, J.D. 1998 (Specialization Certificate in Litigation)


California Bar, 1999
United States District Court Northern, Central and Eastern District of California
United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania